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Retail and Consumer

The accession of Cyprus in the EU in 2004 has brought about significant changes in the retail and consumer market. The traditional ‘country’ boundaries have been lifted and consumers now more than ever have become very demanding. They are able to shop from different countries and get as much value as possible at lower costs. The market has become extremely competitive and this has brought about a lot of uncertainty.

Companies in order to remain competitive must formulate strategies, look for new efficiencies and respond quickly and effectively to increased competition.

In CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd, we support retail and consumer business. We give advice that ranges from financial management to enhancement of operational efficiencies, store operations, supply chain, staffing and outsourcing. Through our deep knowledge and experience in the market we provide a wide range of services, from audit and assurance, tax compliance and planning, consulting and financial advisory.

Types of retail & consumer companies we service:

  • On line stores (e shops)
  • Physical retail stores (food, clothing, repairs)
  • Triangular trade of goods to the European Union