On shore and of shore international business companies
International Business COMPANIES

Our portfolio of International Business Companies (IBCs) comprises companies and legal structures from all over the world. Although the majority of these companies are been incorporated directly by our firm we also service the clients of our international associates which may need specialised services, especially if such services must be contacted in the Republic of Cyprus. This is usually the case when a tax group contains a Cyprus company.

Our IBCs could be incorporated anywhere in the world including:

Each company could serve a different purpose including:

  • Asset protection
  • Holding company
  • Member of a larger group
  • Trade in a specific area of the world
  • Acting as a director in other companies
  • Compliance with local regulator (CIFs)
  • Patent and trademark owner
  • Incorporations in any jurisdiction, "Off Shore and "On Shore"
  • Tax Planing & Consultation
  • Liaison with local register agents in any jurisdiction
  • Compliance services to entities under our administration
  • Fiduciary services to entities under our administration
  • Assessment of all correspondence for entities under our administration
  • Liaison with all entities stakeholders as considered necessary 

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