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Cyprus has been one of the most favourable jurisdictions for the Russian market primarily because of its strong judicial system which is based on the Anglo Saxon system.  Following Cyprus accession to the European Union in 2004 the Constitution was amended so that European Union Law has supremacy over the local Constitution and laws and regulations. This strengthens the comfort our international clients have when conducting business in Cyprus as they can settle any disputes to the European Court of Justice if they want to challenge the local courts decisions.

It is no wonder why Cyprus companies (of Russian interest) have the biggest direct investment in Russia.  Coupled with Cyprus judicial system Cyprus has and favorouble double tax treaty with Russia it is no wonder why Cyprus is the preferred jurisdiction by many Russian origin businessmen.

Consequently, the Russian market comprises a fair portion of our portfolio. In addition, since the introduction of the “non-dom” status, i.e. the non-domiciled status which is a special tax status for worldwide tax free dividends, more and more Russian clients are relocating to Cyprus to take advantage of the Special Tax Benefits offered to them as well as to use their Cyprus Companies without any international restrictions.

Main Factors Russian clients choose to incorporate Companies in Cyprus?

  • Strong Corporate Legal System (based on a case by case outcome)
  • Non – Domiciliation Incentives (mentioned above)
  • Favourable Holding and Investment Structures
  • Tax Free Dividend Remuneration.
  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares.
  • 12.50% Corporation Tax (Lowest in the European Union)

Non Dom - Special Cyprus tax for non cypriots

What is the Non-Dom Status


A Russian client can become a Cyprus Tax Resident if he or she stays in Cyprus for more than 6 months in a calendar year. If this condition is met and this person has not been living in Cyprus for the last 17 years then he or she is entitled to the Cyprus Tax Resident Non-Dom Status.

The Non-Dom Status means that the person will be a Cyprus Tax Resident but under a Special Regime as explained below:

Tax Benefits of the Non – Dom Status:

  • 100% Tax Free Dividends
  • 100% Tax Free Passive Interest Income
  • No Special Defence Tax on Rental Income
  • Taxed based on Cyprus Corporation Tax on their World-Wide income

Therefore, it is no brainer why so many Russian clients have relocated to Cyprus over the last two years. Coupled with the reduce housing market prices since the recession in Cyprus in 2013, Cyprus is an ideal destination for the wealthy business people.

Double Tax Treaty between the Republic of Cyprus and Russia

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