Cyprus and the Greek Market

Being a Greek Independent Island, Cyprus close ties to Greece could not have omitted the inclusion of the frequent use of Cyprus vehicles by the Greek businessmen. The fact that both countries speak the same language and share the same religion and customs means that business relations between the two jurisdictions could not have been easier.

Why Cyprus Companies are used by Greek Businessmen:

  • Easy, convenient, effortless conduct of business in the same language
  • Flight from Greece to Cyprus lasts few hours
  • Agility in the way and manner business is been conducted
  • Absence of Capital Controls in Cyprus
  • Significantly Lower Corporation Tax Rate
  • Almost Zero Dividend Tax Rate for Dividends Declared in Greece
  • Simple, Straight Forward Tax System, especially when compared to Greek
  • Freedom to Trade, 100% Independently from Greek developments
  • Cyprus companies can Open Bank Accounts anywhere in the world, fast.

In addition, and more specifically

  • Use of Cyprus Companies as a “Holding of Investment” vehicle
  • Relocate Company Head Quarters to Cyprus
  • Tax Free Dividend Remuneration.
  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares.
  • 12.50% Corporation Tax (Lowest in the European Union).
  • Cyprus companies act as Directors in other companies
  • Anonymity of Shareholders