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join as again this summer - 2 month internship program

Why spending your summer with us?

Really, why Spending your time with us



Join our Erasmus program!!!

Be one of the few European Students who takes advantage of these programs and comes to Cyprus for 6 months and enjoys our beautiful Erasmus training program in our beautiful island in the centre of the Mediterranean. 

We have commence this program several years ago with great enthusiasms and success and we are keen on taking more students and teaching them our art of accounting, audit and tax! Recruiting young persons makes us feel young as well.


What we teach:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Control
  • Audit
  • Marketing
  • Back Office Support

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After successfully completing my six-month internship for the company I have to say that I have genuinely enjoyed my time there and I could not have   picked a better place for my internship.

Considering my lack of experience, the team helped me learn everything I needed to get started and were always there to answer all my enquiries. I learned a lot about how companies operate in Cyprus, how they get taxed, and I worked very closely with the accounting and audit members of the firm. Most importantly, I developed valuable skills such as teamwork, responsibility, planning, working under pressure etc.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and I never hesitated asking for assistance. We also attended many outdoor activities together that made us get closer and I got to know everyone better and learn more things about Cyprus.

I am very grateful for the opportunity and all the things I learned from CYAUSE, and I have nothing but happy memories and experiences to share about the firm and Cyprus.

Best Regards,

Patsakas Stergios

Undergraduate Student

University of Western Macedonia Greece.

















tagaras STERGIOS


Coming as a student from Greece to Cyprus to do my internship (which is compulsory for my degree) for 6 months at CYAUSE was really an unforgettable

Ιt was my first experience as an employee in a company, let alone abroad, and everything seemed new to me. But from the very first week I started to get into the swing of things thanks to the help of the other employees and the director of the company, who were there for me to solve any problems I had and made me feel comfortable.

I thank them very much for all the things they taught me and I look forward to meeting them again. Which will happen because I loved Cyprus and its beautiful


Best Regards,

Patsakas Stergios

Undergraduate Student

University of Western Macedonia Greece.

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