CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd Cypriot Clients

Being established in Cyprus, naturally our portfolio of clients comprises of many Mid-Sized Cyprus trading companies. Our share in the local market has been growing steadily because of our Core Qualities and Values which served us with excellent results since the inception of the firm.

Our Core Qualities and Values:

  • Proactive Approach, Giving Value and Constructive Advice to our clients.
  • Professionalism displayed by our Qualified Personnel and Network of Associates.
  • Close and Personal Relationship with our Clients.
  • Tax and local VAT Specialization.
  • High Quality Services offered at Competitive Prices.
  • Thriving to Make Accounting Easier
  • Thriving to Exceed our Clients Expectations, continuously


Local Industry Coverage

Traditionally our firm provides services to the following industries:

  • Trading Companies (Imports & Exports)
  • Manufacturing (Developers & Factories)
  • Service Companies (Advisory Services)
  • Law Firms (Local & International)
  • Travel Agents (Inbound Tourism, Cyprus and Greece)
  • Forex Companies (CIFs)
  • Municipalities (Outsource their accounting & tax functions functions)

Medium Sized Clients

Our local clients comprise mainly of medium sized and large prestigious organisations in Cyprus which require our Accounting, Audit and Tax Services.

Compliment to these services we typically also provide them with:

  • Day to Day Operational Advisory Services
  • Techniques to Improve their Cash Flows
  • Executive Services (Management Reporting, Board Consultation)
  • Funding Solutions
  • Tax Planning Solutions Negotiating with Banks
  • Project Consultation
  • Other Ad-Hoc Services

Over the years we have managed to structure our clients’ operations and set up, in the most tax efficient manner.

Smaller Clients

Our smaller business clientele makes up an important proportion of our client base and we tend to deal with such clients on a weekly basis. By smaller businesses we mean companies that typically comprise from 1 shareholder, 1 director companies to less than 5 shareholders with fewer than 10 employees.

For these clients, we perform the Accounting, Payroll and Tax Work on a monthly basis. Each client has an assigned accounting staff member with whom they communicate for all accounting, tax and operational matters on a weekly basis.

Over the years we have managed to structure our client’s operations and set up in the most tax efficient manner.

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