CYAUSE Audit Services Services Ltd, VAT and Tax services outsourced

VAT and Tax work are our firms day to day activities both for our local interest but also for our international clients. The nature and scope of our work is predetermined by these services as, by nature, these services are common and fairly standardised with predetermined deadlines set by the local VAT and Tax Offices.

Our VAT Services include:

  • Registration with the VAT office
  • Monthly or Quarterly preparation of VAT & VIES forms and their submission
  • VAT Rulings
  • VAT guidance and consultation

Our Tax Services include:

  • Registration with the Tax Office (TaxisNet, VIES, Social Insurance)
  • Tax Rulings for specific transactions and establishments
  • Year End preparation of the Company tax return and its submission to the authorities
  • Annual preparation of personal tax return for individual tax payers
  • All Company and Personal Tax computation, administration and payment including: 
  • Social Insurance, PAYE, VIES, VAT, Special Defence Tax (does not apply to non Cyprus Tax Residents or "Non Doms")