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Hundreds of thousands of clients just like you are using Cyprus Companies for many years. Our unique and straight forward taxation system is what made Cyprus a very attractive international business center. With only 12.5% Corporation Tax Rate it means that the Cyprus Companies enjoy all the benefits of being EU members at the lowest possible tax rate.

The government is keen on introducing and reducing its taxes to attract more investors and international clients to the island

  • More than 32 Double Taxation Agreements with various states, means Cyprus makes it the obvious tax option to trade and establish relationships in these states
  • During 2017 the Government started abolishing some additional small income taxes introduced following the 2013 “haircut” signalling to the markets that we are back in business.
  • During 2016 non-domiciliation tax rules have also been introduced by the government as a movement to bring in wealthier individuals and their business in Cyprus reinforcing their low taxation rate.
  • First Employment in the Republic rules are another strong incentive introduced by the Government to attract high calibre workforce to the island.
  • 0% Capital Gains Tax on future property disposals for properties acquired from 2013 to date coupled with the 50% haircut of transfer fees to the buyer of the property is another strong signal that Cyprus is a financial centre that truly understands how business is contacted and what tax breaks are truly important for its investors.

Why hundreds of thousands of companies choose Cyprus

  • Member of the European Union
  • Advantageous and unique tax legislation
  • Wide network of double taxation treaties (32 at present)
  • Compliant with the Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
  • Attractive for the establishment of holding companies.
  • Cyprus is a respectable EU, non-offshore, non-tax heaven jurisdiction.
  • Cypriot companies are EU Companies enjoying the full rights of the EU
  • Easy to add substance to tax structures
  • Business and financial center for inward and outward investments
  • Strong banking system
  • No linguistic issues as English is spoken by all residents
  • Easy, convenient and pleasant stay in the island with numerous activities to do 

Cyprus is being preferred by hundreds of international companies including

  • Wargaming.Net (see video)
  • Hundreds of Forex and Investment Companies (see related video)
  • Hundreds of Shipping Companies
  • Hundreds of Service & Trade Companies which have established their Head Quarters presence in Cyprus