Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective type of marketing that involves sending emails to prospects and customers. This valuable tactic can be used for a variety of purposes, including driving conversions, promoting products, or generating interest and loyalty in your brand.


Why do you need email marketing?

Marketing emails can fulfil several purposes for your company or organization, depending on their content. Their main benefits include:

  • Promoting your products or services
  • Building engagement with your brand
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Turning prospects into customers
  • Turning one-time buyers into loyal fans

Email Campaign Set Up

Email Campaign —> You Need Email List


To perform email campaigns  you must have a large email list of your prospect clients / customers. These prospects will be receiving your emails in an organised and thoughtful manner with the ultimate purpose of making them trust you and in the end buying from you.


Massive email distribution is a great way to promote your business at low cost but prior to doing so you must have a clear strategy and goals; you should be building relationships and trust with the ultimate purpose of making sales. Your business reputation could be ruined if the manner, context and actual message you include in your campaigns is not correctly designed and addressed appropriately to your audience.


Your Company’s goals and objectives from all your Digital Marketing efforts (see above) must be aligned working together to get you the new clients on your doorstep. Consequently, you will need to decide which email category from the below works better for you:

  1. Email Newsletters

  2. Acquisition Emails

  3. Retention Emails

  4. Promotional Emails


Once you decide which category suits you best we will assist you to Setting Up your account on Mailchimp or Active Campaign with all the relevant details needed, your contact information and we are  helping you adding your contact lists and showing you how to start building your Email Templates

Email Templates Creation & Automation


An email template is a predefined email layout which usually includes content like images,  text, links to useful information you want the readers of the email to see and any other information you may consider necessary. 


In these beautiful templates we can include your social media channels, contact information and any other message you want to communicate with your prospective clients (or existing ones).  Email distribution is a clever way of sending traffic to your website or to the channels of significance to your business. 


By sending traffic to your platforms we will be making our website or social media channels ranked higher (social media channels and google's algorithms love this) making your brand stand out and being more visible during online searches, increasing as a result your chances of making new sales to new clients. 


Once the initial template is completed we can use it with minor changes in other campaigns. 


Your overall Content Strategy and goals must be reflected in your email marketing in order to assist you with your efforts we will draft 12 emails in a nice branded format and we will create automations and link your contact lists.