Lead Generation


What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Everyone needs lead generation campaigns and it is a great way to promote your business.


Why do you need Lead Generation?

The answer here is quite simple you need leads to transform them into sales. The best way to do that is by providing Value, Value, Value and than ask for business. No matter what product or service you are selling you need to have a structure to gain new customers. We have created a lead generation process combined with email marketing that will give you the sales you need!


Lead Generation = Collection of Prospect Clients Details

Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline, once this is created the customer will have you in their mind once he is ready to buy. 


The number 1 method of gaining new customers is to create a lead generation path, you can easily add a Call to Action to your website by creating a magnet to make the people provide you with their contact information to follow up with them. 


There is also the option to create a path for yourself, LinkedIn has introduced the sales navigator tool which is ideal for small business owners. Once you subscribe to the tool you can select people based on their work industry, location, etc. After this procedure, we can train you to find the emails for those people and start building a contact list. You can either add them to your network or we can create email campaigns & email templates for you to access your ideal clients.

Sales Navigator Training

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool and can help you find a ton of qualified leads. What are the benefits of using Sales Navigator? 


Targeting & understanding prospects 

  • You have the ability to Save leads and accounts to custom lists.

  • LinkedIn is providing recommendations for you based on the people you have saved.

  • There is a Sales Navigator app to use if you want to engage with prospects anytime, anywhere. 


If you have a Sales Team that means that you are already aware of Email Marketing and Cold Calling, however Sales Navigator you can have access to 260 million active users that are accessing their LinkedIn account daily. 


Sales Navigator gives you the opportunity to start messaging your prospect client and now they have the flexibility to see who is behind this message, also is more likely to respond to you since it is a bright new method to gain new clients.  


Also if you have a CRM System, sales Navigator can synchronize with the system so the data you collect from the lists will go automatically to your CRM. 


Too Complicated? 

We provide training for these services or do the hard work for you!


We are providing a full Training on the Sales Navigator LinkedIn tool in a face 2 face meeting which consist of helping you finding the perfect lead for your business, or ideal buyer persona as we explained above, we are showing you how to save leads in your customizable lists and how to start your initial conversation with them. 

Email Finder Training

Emails and finding Leads is the key to every successful campaign, as we explain above, finding an inbound lead from a CTA (Call to action) button that you have added to your website is ideal. But what happens when you have the Sales Navigator and you want the contact details from your ideal client on your Sales Navigator list?


There are a lot of tools available that are helping you extract emails from Sales Navigator and we are assisting you in adding them to your browser and showing you how to start using them. Also a lot of email finder’s tools will automatically do the work for you while you are away from your desk!