Social Media Marketing & Advertising
social media marketing & Advertising


Why is Social media Marketing so important?

Social media is a great and free way to engage with your future client and to gain exposure. Is also a  crucial part of your business marketing, but it doesn’t have to be stressful to manage. Take the first step, create a profile, decide on your content strategy and start engaging with your followers!


You don't have to be in every social media platform!

Starting off with social media might be confusing, you don't have to be in every platform you just need to be in the platform that works best with your company's nature. For example if you have a bakery you definitely need to have strong presence on Instagram, Facebook , tik-tok etc but you don't have to be in LinkedIn!

We will assist you on the process of finding the best platform for you on our first meeting!


Social media

Social media for businesses is no longer optional; it is imperative. It is an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand.  Every brand has a voice and social media is a great way to express your brand voice and reach your ideal customers. We are creating the images, and videos for all social media platforms, building or updating your existing page, and helping you with your social media advertising. 


Social media is a great way for gaining brand awareness, interacting with new clients, and building customer relationships. Our advertising services also include market research which will assisr you develop your brand, competitors analysis and existing usage of your social media analysis and assessment. With these poweful tools rest assure that your business will be in a position to reach new hights!

Content Creation

Whatever you add on social media has the power to turn your brand into a household name and your followers into fans. To do that you need a strong social media content Strategy. Being in every platform and sharing sporadically updates is not enough to do that, content strategy is needed upfront. Before starting posting we sit with you to discuss the expectations and goals you might have from your social media channels. The goals must be measurable and our objective is to create posts that are aligned with your goals. The strategy might change over time but we are here to help you in the whole process. 

The most common goals of each company are below:


If you have a specific goal we can create it via the advertising where we will discuss it below in more detail. 


Content Scheduling

The best way to start your content marketing strategy is to start posting! You can do that either by posting your posts on each platform or assigning this task to a firm like ours wihch will be scheduling the posts for you. 

Once we decide your content strategy where your message and values will be resembled into  videos and images we will start measuring the successful posts; assessing the engagement from your followers which will and what is the best time to post your content. 

Note: In order to design the right strategy and approach for your business we will need to have the social media platform / channel analytics of at least 2 months. Part of this Service we provide copywriting skills, which means that we are using your brand’s tone on our captions and we are following the trends to always be top of your market! 


Once we decide on your content strategy, we will create 10-12 posts (images, videos) / month.  The posts are designed 1 month prior to the month we are posting. In case you want to schedule & create captions for the post please check our Scheduling Service below. 


Delivery Time: Ongoing 



Social Media Accounts Creation

If you don’t know how to get started with Social Media we are here to help, we can create any social media channel page / account. That means that we are not only creating a page on a specific channel but we also add all the contact information of your business, creating cover pages, connecting messenger, whats app if applicable etc. 

More complicated page creation like e-shops the price & the delivery time  might differ.


Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks



Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is part of your digital marketing efforts, but you should also be utilising the paid ads of these social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube etc) to reach your target audience. 


Easier said that done. Like any craft, paid ads require an up to date knowledge of the latest trends; what works and what does not. So even though the networks make paid advertising an easy process for their users, the success of the advertisements depends entirely on the details of each campaign, tactics and information used. If you are not fully aware of the functionality of the paid advertisements of a particular channel, you shouldn't add ads on your social media unless you are willing to accept poor performances for a long period of time until you figure out what works and what does not. 


Our first goal is to find your ideal buyer persona, what is the gender? Is she / he regularly buying online? Does your persona likes sports? Whats the age group? Does this sound too complicated? Don’t worry we will give you the right guidelines to assist you find your ideal client and to add the interests of this persona to your advertisement sets.


Now that you've found your persona, what's next? 


Normally we will create different campaigns and ad sets and test them in order to see what works! There is no right recipe; you might use the same image but the captions used on your ad to differ and so its performance. 


When you are starting off with social media advertising you need to be patient to find what actually works for your company and your ideal client. 


Also, the European Union has implemented the GDPR legislations making EU advertisements more complicated than ever. Part of our duties is to make sure that your campaigns are politically correct and aligned with GDPR laws.