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Cyprus Insurance Licensing - How to get your insurance agents or brokers license in Cyprus - Video

In this short video we explain how the use of a Cyprus company can benefit Insurance agents and brokers from 3rd countries which need to obtain an EU Insurance Agents or Brokers license.

Cyprus Remote Employer - EU Payroll Scheme (Hire Directly Employees in Cyprus)

Cyprus have introduced the remote employer scheme where an EU Company can hire anyone in Cyprus without the need of establishing a Cyprus Branch or a Cyprus Subsidiary Company. These are great news, as the Overseas Employer will only need to assign this task to a Regulated Audit and Assurance firm like Cyprus Audit Services, which in turn, will gather all paperwork and register both the employer and the candidate with the Cyprus social securities and local income tax office.

Cyprus Investment Firms - Taxation & Why So Attractive!

Cyprus Crypto Tax for Companies and Individuals

One of the biggest advantages of Cryptocurrencies is that they are decentralised which is important for tax purposes as it implies that the tax treatment of the profit earner from Crypto transactions is determined by the country of Tax Residency of the Legal (Company) or Physical Person.