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Local Presence, International Reach

Our clientele comprises of international business companies which have been created by our firm or which fall under our administration and servicing. Whether stand alone "on shore" or "of shore" companies or part of an international group we service these companies primarily by providing them back office support, representation, tax and accounting and audit services when required.

Our international clients originate mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Greece. Over the last years we have experienced a tendency to get new clients from the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to our international client base we hold a strong local base of Cyprus companies typically comprising between 10 - 30 employees and several millions of turnover. Our main services to the local market is payroll audit and assurance engagements and in a lesser extent accounting services.

Given the diverse coverage of our clients, their industries tend to vary significantly covering broad range of sectors, from International Business Companies and Currency Exchange (Forex) Companies to local accounting and law firms. 

Our services are designed to help our clients with their day to day operations and to increase shareholders' wealth, primarily through tax planning. We take great pride to watch our clients grow from our own constructive advice and support.

Benefits gained by our clients